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Tricia has lived in the Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville area for over 30 years. Before getting into Real Estate she received her degree in Sports Management from the University of North Florida. After graduating from college, she worked for a remodeling business where she played a vital role in specializing in luxury home renovations, remodels, and New Construction in the Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville Beach areas. Over the past six years she has had the privilege of helping homeowners find or recreate their dream home, making sure the home they’ve envisioned becomes a reality. In her free time, Tricia enjoys sporting events, live music, water activities, fitness, traveling and family time.Tricia loves being a part of the Marsh Landing Country Club Realty team where she continues to grow and share her personality with an amazing team.

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Tricia was the best thing to happen to us in this process. She was patient with us trying to do this long distance, it was not easy for her. She never gave up, even when I told her I needed a break she gave me room and then the right thing came along and she didn’t listen to me. She was right! You won’t find a more dedicated person to help you. She cares!

Tricia Bowers has been our Exclusive Real Estate Agent for the previous four years. We have bought or sold over 5 Million Dollars worth of property or homes in these transactions. Tricia is excellent at selling and purchasing homes in North Florida. I highly recommend her Five Star Service!