“We had our home listed with another real estate firm for eleven months. In that time frame, we were not able to sell our home even with countless price reductions. When we listed with Cici, our home sold in four months. Her approach was different as she was more concerned with how to market the home in a depressed economy rather than continuing to reduce the price. She has access to the latest social networking tools that gives your home the greatest exposure. Networking is the key, and she knows all of the right contacts.”

“We chose Cici and her team to list our home because of their community knowledge, experience, extensive network, access to the latest real estate marketing tools and reputation. They sold our home in four months, when our previous real estate agency had the listing for eleven. Being on site at the Marsh Landing Country Club is a great advantage. Their ability to offer a free membership to the club is an added bonus.”
-Paul and Josie

“The purpose of this letter is to heap mountains of praise on David Darch. He is simply an outstanding representative, not only of Marsh Landing Country Club Realty, but of the human race. I believe he could get a Dale Carnegie franchise if he wanted one.”
As you might expect, we have purchased homes before, even second homes. We have never dealt with anyone who combined the qualities of enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, competence, and follow-through the way this young man does. In fact, our children are already sick of hearing about him.”

-Robert L. Strickland

Working with Cici Anderson and her team at Marsh Landing Country Club Realty has been an absolute pleasure.  We have had several opportunities to work together and have found Cici and her team to be knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated. Cici is willing to go above and beyond to do whatever it takes to make sure her listings are in their best condition during the selling process and at the closing.  We look forward to working with her in the future.

-Jim & Sally Stock, Dwell Staging and Design